2008-Cultures of the Caribbean
International Association of Caribbean Organizations

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2008-COC-Entry Form




Pres. Glendon Thompson, introducing members of the Chinese Friendship Association to Atlanta Senior Councilman Jim Maddox

Glendon enjoying a joke with Councilman Jim Maddox

Pres. Thompson with members of the Chinese Friendship Association, Yao Dong (left) vice president CFA and Qin Sun President CFA

Jamaica's Consul General being introduced to members of the Chinese Friendship Assn.

The kaleidoscope that is the Caribbean

Performance from The Youth Ensemble of Atlanta

Teenager Anisah Boldon performing on steel pan

Performance by San Tawnah



International Association of Caribbean Organizations


2008 Cultures of the Caribbean - A Youthful Perspective

"Dream It.....Achieve It"

On Saturday, November 1, 2008, 3:00pm - 7:00pm

At the Atlanta City Hall Atrium

55 Trinity Ave., Atlanta, GA 30303

This year IACO invites youths aged 5 - 18 to participate in a cultural competition to showcase their talents in song, dance, musical instruments and spoken word.

Performers will be grouped by age and will be judged by the audience and prize winners declared on the night of the event.

Entry Forms can be obtained BY CLICKING HERE

Forms must be submitted by October 18, 2008

Sponsors: the City of Atlanta Advisory Committee on International Relations; Air Jamaica; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

In Cooperation with the Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister Cities, the Port-of-Spain Sister Cities and the Atlanta-Salcedo Sister Cities committees

For more information, email contact@iaco-usa.org; 770-971-6778